Wedding DJ Services
Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life.  For all the time you will spend making decisions about a number of details from invitations to decorations, the entertainment you choose will heavily influence the number one thing guests remember when it’s all said and done – did they have a fun at your wedding?

You obviously have a vision for your wedding and it goes beyond what your venue should look like or what people will be wearing.  You have a vision for how you want people to feel.  G&R Entertainment can help you make that vision a reality providing entertainment to make your guests smile, laugh, dance or shed a tear during a tender moment.  We fully realize that when you choose us, you’re placing the utmost trust in us to fulfill your vision.  Let us help you create a fun and memorable wedding day you and your guests will be talking about for years.

Your Unique Needs

Weddings aren’t really just one event; they are more like a series of events held throughout the day.  Each event has unique needs for the entire day to go smoothly from ceremony to cocktail hour, grand entrance to dinner, and reception ceremonies to open dance floor.  It takes experience and skill to properly plan these series of events with seamless transitions to ensure a memorable experience.  Your wedding is unique and so are the particular services you will need.  We can help design a custom package for you that fits your unique needs.

What We Can Offer in our Professional Wedding DJ Service

  • Professional pro audio sound system and DJ equipment
  • Back up equipment onsite
  • Free equipment setup and take down
  • Consultation to learn your music and event preferences
  • Event planning with creation of timelines
  • Customized playlist for wedding reception events such as first dance, cake cutting, etc.
  • Professional live mixing DJ dressed for the occasion to manage entertainment
  • Professional emcee dressed for the occasion to handle all introductions and announcements
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Dance floor lighting 
  • Wedding ceremony PA system and wireless handheld or lapel microphones available
  • Multiple DJ setups available for weddings with separate ceremony, cocktail, and/or reception areas for smooth transitions
  • Recommendations of vendors that provide services for weddings.  Take a look at our Wedding Resources page.

Contact us for a free consultation to get a custom quote based on your unique needs.

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